Survey 2016


In May 2016, Hereford Archaeology, led by Tim Hoverd, completed a full survey of Ponthendre Motte,  which had never been adequately surveyed before.

Traditional survey methods were used by the team (plane table and level ; total station) but they were also assisted by Adam Stanford of Aerial-Cam, a company which specialises in drone photography.

Using quadcopters to take multiple digital images, Adam was able to create 3-D terrain models of the landscape surrounding and including the motte.  These can either be shown in monochrome or full colour.



Adam Stanford of Aerial-Cam


Ponthendre Motte 3-D terrain model  showing the motte surrounded by a ditch, with outer bailey enclosed by a clear rampart.

Longtown Castle has already been the subject of a detailed conventional survey by English Heritage.This was carried out in 2003, before drone-based aerial photography became available.

Now, with Adam’s quadcopters we have full 3-D terrain models of Longtown Castle.  These can be manipulated to be viewed from any angle and cross-sections taken from any position. On the left is a plan of the castle in full colour.  Below are  two views of the castle from opposite directions.