Castle Images


Three Centuries of Images of Longtown Castle

1718 – This is the first known image of Longtown Castle, from a survey on behalf of the Right Hon. George Lord Bergavenny, drawn by Benjamin Fallowes of Malden in Essex, showing “Castle yard and Green and the Closes joyning… in occupation of John WatkinsThe field gates shown are still extant today.  © The British Library Board, Add. 60746, f11.






1754 – A detail from Isaac Taylor’s map of Herefordshire, showing the castle with a reasonably accurate depiction of Saint Peter’s chapel in the foreground.  Taylor incorrectly shows Longtown as the Roman settlement of Blestium, which is now generally accepted to be at Monmouth.


1788 – An illustration by James Wathen for The Gentleman’s Magazine, June 16, 1788.  A letter from James Wathen in the July edition also erroneously equates Longtown with the Roman town of Blestium.





1794 – A tinted etching from James Baker’s A picturesque guide to the local beauties of Wales, republished in 1795 as A  picturesque Guide through Wales and the Marches.





1804 – Another sketch by James Wathen, drawn soon after the collapse of the upper part of the spiral staircase.  By courtesy of Ron Shoesmith.





1809 – A detailed drawing by Samuel Prout, engraved by John Greig for publication in The Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet.  By courtesy of





1840 – A tinted stone lithograph by CW Radclyffe, printed by George Rowe of Cheltenham and published by TN Webb in Picturesque Antiquities &c. of the County of Hereford, showing Castle Green and a passing timber wagon pulled by a team of six draught horses.




1864 – A drawing of the castle by Lady Frances Vernon-Harcourt, daughter of the Earl of Oxford, from A History of the Castles of Herefordshire and Their Lords by Rev. Charles John Robinson.  It shows perilous undermining by stone robbers.   By courtesy of



1938 – A pen drawing by WH Gleave, copied from Prout’s 1809 engraving for the back cover of the booklet, From One Generation to Another, Anno Domini 520-1938 The Parish Church of St. Clodock.





1970s – A naïve painting by Ivor J Powell, policeman and primitive artist, born at Penbidwal, Pandy.






1975 – A woodcut by Kenneth Lindley, Hereford artist and teacher. By courtesy of Hereford Museum Resource and Learning Centre






1992 – A gouache by Huw S Parsons, artist, poet of Llyswen, near Brecon.






c.1995 – A striking mixed media representation by Joyce Hvass, Longtown.






2000 – A watercolour by Joyce Hvass, Longtown.






c. 2002 – Two sketches by Jill Hedges, formerly of Pontynys Mill, drawn for a fundraiser for Longtown Village Hall.










2009 – An oil painting by Crispin Thornton-Jones, local atmospheric landscape artist.